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pony camp

The best pony camp!


where do we sleep

When you come to our pony camp, you will sleep in a cottage with a few other pony camp children. Each cottage can accommodate 6-8 people and has its own bathroom with toilet and shower. Both in the bathroom and in the sleeping area there is also a sink to brush your teeth and wash your hands. Upon your arrival, the management ensures that you are assigned to a suitable room. We always try to have the same ages together in the room, so that you find the most connection with the rest and that the sleeping times are also about the same. The management also sleeps in such a house and is therefore always close by, should something go wrong.


The terrain

You will of course also find many horse stables on our site. Some buildings with stables are only for guest house customers, the pony camp children are not allowed to come there. For the rest you will find the riding ponies and horses all over the site. The camp will start with a guided tour to show you where everything is. There is a special tack room for the riding ponies and a special tack room for the riding horses. So you always know where to get the stuff for your pony or horse!

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Food and drink

It is important that there is good food and drink at a pony camp, since we are of course very active. In the morning we all have breakfast; very cozy and a good start to the day! Lunch is always served together and dinner is also shared. Breakfast and lunch consists of bread and a choice of many different types of fillings. In the evening there are several options in terms of meals. When you arrive, you fill in a form on which you indicate what you would like to eat that week. Often there is a choice of different types of meat and different types of vegetables. Of course pony camp is also a holiday and a party, so we don't just eat healthy! But what else we eat, we'll keep a secret for a while...

It is important to drink well, especially on hot days. The children therefore always have access to water and orange juice. Other drinks such as tea or milk are also offered at breakfast and lunch. It is also possible to buy drinks in the canteen, but this is not very common. The children are also free to bring their own drinks, but there are no refrigerators in the rooms so keep that in mind.


What is a pony camp without lots of fun activities? Boring! That is why we have prepared a very nice program for you, with which we want to organize a nice week for everyone. Of course we have lessons in the arena, such as dressage lessons or jumping lessons. You will learn a lot of new things and you can work on improvement together with your horse. We also think it's important that in addition to that hard work, you can also relax with your horse or pony, so we regularly go out for a ride!

In addition to these lessons and outdoor rides, we have planned many more things with or without a horse for you! How about, for example, vaulting or being able to take the reins yourself when driving? We also work on our balance and sit by doing a lesson without a saddle, for example. Another, much loved, part of the pony camp is of course Pimp my Pony!

The horses and ponies need to get some rest every now and then, so we've come up with plenty of fun games and activities without a horse. For example, we do live quartet or the letter game. If the weather is very nice and warm, we also have many water games in store for you, so that you can cool off! 

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riding arenas

The riding school has 2 indoor arenas of 20 x 40 meters and 3 outdoor arenas (2 of 20 x 40 meters and 1 of 20 x 60 meters). So we have the perfect options: driving outside with good weather, but also driving inside with bad weather! There are also 2 covered lunge beads. We also have a very cozy canteen, where we always eat together. We also have the 'Ruif', a space where we can play games when it rains outside, for example. 

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